Our commitment to the Earths Environment

At Sharon Elizabeth’s, caring about the environment is a way of life. We are striving to help keep the earth green and lower our environmental impact by implementing the following procedures:

Whenever possible, we use locally grown flowers. We also procure flowers from many farms that are Veriflora-Certified. These farms are committed to growing flowers in a socially responsible, ethical workplace with a focus on environmental sustainability. For more information visit www.veriflora.com In addition, Sharon Elizabeth’s has recently added our own on site gardens of Hydrangea, Peonies and Lilacs. While these gardens are not at full production yet, last year we started to incorporate these crops into some of our summer events.

We use clean burning, highly efficient, propane gas furnaces in our building. Approximately 90% of the propane used in the United States is produced in the U.S., providing high paying American jobs. Most of the rest of the propane used in this country comes from neighboring Canada.

We have converted the lighting in our showroom to extremely efficient CFL or LED bulbs. By doing so, we have lowered our monthly electric consumption by at least 20%. In addition, all of our buildings exterior lighting is on timers/motion sensors so that the lights are used only when needed.

We recycle nearly 100% of our cardboard boxes, as well as bottles and cans.

Our modern delivery van fleet is kept well tuned, and tires pressure is frequently checked in order to minimize fuel consumption. Delivery routing is carefully mapped out to minimize distances traveled.

We have implemented our rainwater barrel farm. We will be saving a great deal of our “used water” from our cut flower buckets into these barrels to water our gardens and lawns. Rainwater from some of our gutters will also be captured and saved into the barrels.