Dear Sharon & Seb,

I only wish that I could find the words to tell you how pleased, happy and overjoyed we were with the floral arrangements you created for Kristin & Jay´s wedding at The Wadsworth Atheneum. Upon entering the museum, our guests were really taken back with the beauty of all the gorgeous flowers. When they came to Morgan Great Hall for the ceremony, I think they thought they had seen it all until they went to Avery Court for dinner where they were greeted with the beautiful table cloths, stunning flowers and ceiling décor. You did an absolutely wonderful job on everything. We could not have been happier!

The folks at The Wadsworth commented that they thought that we had most fabulous floral arrangements they had ever seen for an event hosted at their facility. It was indeed a pleasure working with both of you and it goes without saying... you´re the best there is!

With warmest regards and thanks,
Betty and Steve

Dear Seb & Sharon,

It is now a little over a week since Lindsay and Michael´s wedding and we are still basking in the afterglow. The whole affair was a smashing success and I have received consistently rave reviews from all of our guests.

Sitting here feeling the joy that comes with knowing that it all went so well and the relief of having it over at last, I am now reflecting on the amazing work you did and how much you contributed to making our event such a hit. Your work was exceptional and I heard from countless guests about the beauty of your creations. From the archway and the candelabras at the Museum, to the centerpieces and cake flowers at the reception hall, to the personal flowers, your work was magnificent!

I want to thank you for your willingness to work with me to understand our needs and vision and to find ways to make it all happen within our budget. Your creations were loved by all. We want to convey our sincerest appreciation to you for your professionalism, creativity, and genuine kindness. You were such a critical part of making our event a success and we are truly grateful.


Dear Sharon & Staff,

I can´t thank you enough for creating the beautiful bouquets and centerpieces for our wedding. Everything was stunning and your attention to detail goes unmatched. I was totally relaxed knowing that you and your experienced staff would take care of everything. The wedding day was truly magnificent because of your creations and I want to thank you for being such a special part of it. Thank you for making Kylee´s wedding a "dream come true".

Sincerest regards,

Dear Sharon Elizabeth´,

Thank you for the exquisite flowers on my wedding day! You created the bouquet that I have dreamed about since I was a little girl. I am only sorry that it won´t last forever. The flowers made a huge impact on my entire wedding day. Thank you for exceeding all of my expectations and making my day so memorable!


Dear Sharon,

As soon as I saw my bouquet and the bridesmaid´s bouquets, I was in awe of the colors and the beauty of the flowers. Never had I seen such a stunning bridal bouquet. We were both so impressed by the centerpieces, the beautiful bows on the cake and the floral work on the banisters. The flowers and arrangements at the church also looked extremely beautiful. Everything was truly elegant and made us very satisfied with the selections we made, with your expert advice.

We chose Sharon Elizabeth´s because from the moment we met, we were both reassured by your knowledge and professionalism.

Many thanks to you,
Loreen & Ryan

Dear Sharon & Seb,

A girl´s wedding day is simply not complete without flowers! Not only did you complete my wedding day, but you created lovely memories that will last a lifetime. The moment I was handed my bouquet I truly felt like a bride. From the pink pedestal arrangements at the church to the angels adorned with garlands, to the breathtaking rose centerpieces and the gorgeous bouquets and boutonnieres everything was perfect. Working with you and the staff was a dream... everyone was so dedicated to making my day unforgettable. You are all amazing at what you do and brides lucky enough to work with you truly will remember their wedding day forever.

Love and thanks,

Dear Sharon,

Thank you so much for the spectacular flowers at my daughter´s wedding. Not only were you an absolute pleasure to work with, but you perfectly captured the atmosphere we wanted. Everything from the bridal party´s flowers to the chuppa to the centerpieces on the tables was exquisite and beyond our expectations! Thank you for making our special event as beautiful as it could possibly be. We truly enjoyed working with you. You are a unique person who possess that rare combination of creativity and warmth. Thank you for everything!

Best regards,

Dear Sharon,

I want you to know how impressed we were with the work you did for Caitlin´s wedding. You created a wedding that far exceeded my vision. It was classy, elegant and beyond beautiful. My husband and I were able to see the reception hall before the guests arrived. It brought tears to my eyes. We were so touched that we were able to give Caitlin such a special memorable day. We enjoyed watching her as her eyes looked around in amazement and that was the best gift anyone could ever ask for. When she saw the floral tree at the reception she yelled "my tree" and everyone laughed. You can not place a price on a memory or that kind of reaction.


Dear Sharon & Seb,

My wedding day was the BEST! I absolutely loved all of the beautiful arrangements you created for me. Dancing under the ceiling decorations was like dancing in a fairy tale. As I talked with my guests at the reception everyone wanted to know the same thing- Who did the flowers? I was able to happily tell them about you and your wonderful staff. I heard as many compliments about the flowers as I did about my gown! Thank you for making my day a beautiful memory!

Many thanks,

Sharon & Sebby,

Where do we begin... gorgeous, beautiful, magnificent, overwhelming... these are just a few of the words we and all of our guests used to describe the flowers at Sheryl´s wedding. Your style and talent were displayed in every bouquet and arrangement. You brought to life all that we envisioned. You truly created memories for us that can´t be expressed in words, nor will it ever fade from our minds. It was our indoor garden fantasy! Thank you!

Robin & Ira

Dear Sharon,

Sitting down with you at consultations was the easiest part of my wedding planning. When I met with you I knew immediately that I was in good hands. Your experience and professionalism were matched only by your creativity and passion for your work. Through my indecisive moments you were calm, reassuring and full of options and suggestions. The day of the wedding proved that I had chosen the very best. All of your planning and attention to detail made my wedding an elegant event that will be remembered by all.

Sincerest regards,

Dear Sharon Elizabeth´s,

We would like to thank all of you for your time and talents. The wedding planning process was made easier by your experience and creative ideas. Our wedding day was a beautiful success thanks to all of the unique touches you added. The vibrant colors popped in the garden on our beautiful summer day. The archway framed us beautifully as we were married before all of our friends and family. At the reception the candelabras gave us the romantic glow we had hoped for. Thank you for seeing our vision and making it happen... you are a true artist!